If you were to take all of the FEAR away what would you do?

I talk a lot about dreams, goals and chasing them! About using the life you have to your absolute fullest potential and not taking for granted everything/anything that you have.

I think the biggest factor in what stops us from achieving our dreams is fear. Fear of hurting ourselves or other people. Fear of failure.

The definition of fear: an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.

So it’s an emotion, we can’t control our feelings very easily but we can control how we respond to them, and I think for fear this is a big one.

When we allow fear to choose/change our path; then we are making a choice for fear to turn us away from our true goals and dreams.
It is kinda like changing our path forwards because of something that ‘might’ happen. It does seem crazy that we would allow a ‘might happen’ to dictate the direction of our life.

Now don’t get me wrong; I think fear is a really important thing. It keeps us safe. Stops us from being too dangerous and thinking we are too invincible. (although some people definitely lost out on that one) But fear is a feeling and if we let it take power of everything we do then we aren’t doing things quite right. We all feel fear but the thing that makes the biggest difference is how we decide to respond to it.

People who are living life to their utmost potential respond to fear much differently to people who are letting fear control them.

Fear is the reason people don’t chase their dreams. It’s the reason people work crappy 9-5 jobs that they hate and don’t go become a writer or an astronaut or a dancer or ask that person out, or tell someone they love them or enter that running race or try something new.

Our biggest fear is the fear of failure; failure to do the right thing, or failing at making the ‘right’ decision. But there is no ‘right’ decision. Really we make the choice and it either fires us in the right direction or we learn from the thing that happens and we are still fired towards the right direction. Once you’ve made the choice you’ve taken a step and that is what life is filled with..taking steps.

If we let fear take over it can defeat everything. But we have a choice when it comes to facing it. We can allow it to consume us and prevent us from moving up our mountains or we can take a breathe acknowledge its existence and walk up that damn mountain anyway!

So i challenge you….go out and do something that terrifies you! It doesn’t have to be big and flash (bungee jumping/adrenaline filled adventure) it can be simple! You could go to a cafe and have a coffee by yourself, sign up for art class, join a gym, talk to a stranger, try something new on a menu, go on an unplanned adventure! The list is endless but figure something out that scares you a little bit, something that feels uncomfortable. and go do it! Notice how that makes you feel! Throwing yourself into something that is the ‘uncomfortable’ will 100% be huge personal growth even if you hate the thing you’ve done! Change is scary, new stuff is scary but taking control of your emotions and not letting fear defeat you is pretty powerful especially if it means doing something or taking a step towards doing something that makes you happy.



We are climbing mountains

Piha 2018
photo by Finn Cochran

Oh hello there,
Yes that’s right i have created yet another platform to share this crazy adventure on.
It’s been a while since i wrote a blog piece, there has been plenty of lengthy Instagram captions but what’s a better excuse to get a blog together than a beautiful new website created by a beautiful friend.

If you’re jumping onboard this blog with no idea who i am, what i do or what my journey has been so far; Welcome to the crazy, but also if you click here it will give you a little insight into the past 22 years and you’ll learn why there is a lack of a fingers/ bunch of robot fingers featuring in the photo above. If you do know who I am (I’m sorry) haha but in all seriousness thank you for following my journey and supporting me! I hope that you can take something from all of these words I’ve thrown onto a page!

“Everybody has things in their lives that challenge them- some get more mountains than others but the thing that defines us the most is whether we let those things scare us and prevent us from succeeding or whether we get through those challenges. It’s whether we climb that mountain or we sit at the bottom waiting for someone to carry us up.” -Brylee

Not that long ago i figured out that what i wanted to do with my life was help people. More specifically help people to achieve their biggest goals/dreams and to help by giving them (some) skills, motivation and inspiration to be the best version of themselves to make it happen.
I have had the coolest 22 years on this earth and been lucky enough to achieve some of my biggest dreams and goals and I really really want as many people in this world as possible to know what that is like – because it is pretty amazing. And it is even more amazing when you do it through a shitload of hardwork, determination, resillience, and passion.
I’m a pretty big believer that we all have it within us to achieve what we want to achieve. We sometimes need a little hand (pun completely intended) walking up our mountains but i don’t think that just some people get to be happy and it is luck of the draw as to who they are; i’m pretty certain that we all get to choose whether we want to be happy or not.
please note: Everyone is on a seperate journey and nobody is going to be happy all of the time. Cause shitty things happen to everyone and it’s ok to not be happy about that but i think the choice is ours to pick ourselves up, say yes to the hand that’s been offered and to put one foot in front of the other to climb the mountain.

I think it is easy to get stuck. I have gotten stuck so many times on my climb and i know that i will get stuck again. But i am grateful to have learnt so many skills to get unstuck. Recently i have been thinking a lot about how easy it is to miss the view. I’m a pretty independent, stubborn and driven human and i like to be busy and working towards goals all the time. Often i get caught up in the crazy and forget to just stop and enjoy the present I forget to stop and just be happy with where I am in that moment. As cheesy as it may seem and as simple of a concept it may be i think we live in the future waaaaay to much. And although it is good to reflect on how far you’ve come and reflect on the things that you want to improve it is also vital to just be present, content and grateful for where ever you are.

I’m super grateful to be ‘working’ as a motivational speaker. To be sharing my story, connecting with humans all around NZ and being fortunate enough to be smashing my own goals and dreams. I’m excited to be helping others do the same.

I’m excited for this blog. Not because I want to be a ‘blogger’ but I am excited for another platform to connect with people. To write, educate and inform people about one arm things and diversity to make that less scary for people who haven’t been exposed to it before.
I’m excited to show you my journey and talk about the good, bad and ugly! Im excited to have something that once she’s old enough my niece and my future kids will be able to read through and know what I was up to, thinking, dreaming of when I was in my 20s. And I’m excited to connect with all of you! To provide a platform for you to share your stories and for you to celebrate your strengths your wins and your climb up the crazy mountains.

So here we go…let’s do this.

The Wide Eyed Wonder Girl.
Bry. xx